Thursday, 19 November 2009

Site 2.0 - Cultural Dancing Centre

The second site I have chosen is by the abandon waterfront opposite the Bus terminal, which is relatively close to my first site. The idea is to regenerate the area that was once occupied by hawker stalls, to improve on tourist circulation and beautify the site as its one of the first thing visitors would see as they step off from the bus. The idea of a cultural dancing centre is to amplify a tourist's experience, learning and taking on the dances first hand instead of just viewing. This also widens the opportunity to experience local dances, and not being constraint to festivals only. The initiative of this idea is also to encourage the local to learn and get involved with the local heritage, opening up to the public in the city, where normally, such events would only occur in the village. The building can also function as a practice area, bringing people together as one harmonious community.

The concept of the building is derived from one of Sabah's main local routine dance, the Sumazau. It mirrors the gracious movement of the bird, flying over the paddy field and the city. It also reflects on the calm moving waves, which houses and protects the sea living creatures. To make the building unique, the facade would be carved with distinctive local patterns to demonstrate local's carving skills.

1st Design Concept: Elevations

Materials Study [MS]: Timber

MS: Metal Cladding

MS: Green Facade

MS: Combination of Materials
This type of development in my opinion contributes more towards the site compared to the so-called green design building, the Waterfront Mall. This project which would only be 2 storeys tall, is design to amplify the waterfront experience and would not block any important views towards the sea from any angle.

Sketchup Model will be uploaded soon.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Site 1.1 - Open Urban Space and Art Gallery

Another quick photoshop elevation of the 'art contribution from the community' idea. The building will only extend to a certain distance, leaving the open space more opportunity. Apart from the obvious ideas of having stalls and performances, there would be panels of blank walls, which are placed randonly on site, where a drawing/painting competition will be held, and the participation will use the blank wall as their canvas and judge there and then. None winning drawing will not be taken down. This is a way of allowing the society to contribute towards the city whilst having a good time. It provides that uniqueness where no other places have. In the Art Gallery, I thought of having weekly art classes to the community, and whatever sculpture is being made can be put outside for everyone to look at and admire.

The pond does not have to be developed to the extend of having boats. It should just be kept as clean as possible, as it acts as a natural cooler to the environment. But it has a huge opportunity to have a huge sculpture or monument being build in the middle of the pond. It could be an abstract art that reflects the city's personality, which can be another focal point of the site.

Here are my 30 minutes sketchup model of the Art gallery i had in mind. Obviously it needs alot of design development as this is an impulse idea. Initially the roof was flat but i added skylights as I was modelling the building, I personally would take it off or developed it through.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Site 1.0 - Urban Open Space and Art Gallery

The first site that I would like to venture is the main road opposite the Api Api Centre. My bold decision and judgement has led me to think that the road should be put underground. Impressive or shocking? This proposal in a way is to promote the unused pond and try to create an open green space which can link between the pond, the shopping area and the hotel. Shifting the road downwards would not create any routing problem, and with the extra land space, it could be KK's first open urban space. This open urban space, in my mind, is to create a space that is created by the communites around, ie giving people the power to provide art designs for the space. This way, in many places around the world, actually has a positive effect, and vandalism is less likely to happen as the sculpture or art has a connection with the society. This also creates a unique personality, a genius loci of the city. With the open space being set up, it creates a new linkage towards the garden within Api Api centre, which then connects itself towards the sea front. This indirectly creates an even bigger space for commuters, and in way linking sea and pond. I was thinking of having an Art Gallery on this open space surrounded by the society's art work. The art gallery would house local artist's drawing and some student competition drawings. I figured that the art gallery would increase the city's knowledge and exposure towards art. An architectural merit building would hopefully be a new focal point for tourist to visit.

A very quick underground section sketch.
1. Site 1 2. Start of underground tunnel 3. A new link is created between spaces 4. Bus stop is close to new attractions 5. Site 2 for my next idea 6. Existing shop directly related to the open spaces 7. Possible linkage towards Karamunsing by walking 8. End of tunnel [both are the same, uploaded 2 just incase its not very clear]

A quick drawing on how the site might relate and create a new relation between exisitng spaces. With locals or tourist coming to a stop at the bus stop has a reason to wonder around the open space, rather than walking straight to Centre Point, benefiting the existing cafe and shops at Api Api centre. The open space would also create a better space for Dynasty Tang Hotel which would attract more visitors to stay there. If the pond can be develop properly, the Urban Space/Pond would definitely become a new focal point. [sorry if picture is unclear and blur]
This my quick 2 minutes sketch on an impulse idea I had on how the Art Gallery would look like. Its a combination of concrete and glass facades. It has a simple approach in creating a huge hall inside to house the drawings and sculptures.

Kota Kinabalu - Sabah - Malaysia

I am starting this blog to try and collect ideas from a public's perspective towards the development of Kota Kinabalu. There is a discussion in forums of interest and disappointment on some issues. This blog aims to upload and discuss the communities new bold ideas and its impact and consequence and hopefully be used and implemented in the city.

More to come....