Thursday, 19 November 2009

Site 2.0 - Cultural Dancing Centre

The second site I have chosen is by the abandon waterfront opposite the Bus terminal, which is relatively close to my first site. The idea is to regenerate the area that was once occupied by hawker stalls, to improve on tourist circulation and beautify the site as its one of the first thing visitors would see as they step off from the bus. The idea of a cultural dancing centre is to amplify a tourist's experience, learning and taking on the dances first hand instead of just viewing. This also widens the opportunity to experience local dances, and not being constraint to festivals only. The initiative of this idea is also to encourage the local to learn and get involved with the local heritage, opening up to the public in the city, where normally, such events would only occur in the village. The building can also function as a practice area, bringing people together as one harmonious community.

The concept of the building is derived from one of Sabah's main local routine dance, the Sumazau. It mirrors the gracious movement of the bird, flying over the paddy field and the city. It also reflects on the calm moving waves, which houses and protects the sea living creatures. To make the building unique, the facade would be carved with distinctive local patterns to demonstrate local's carving skills.

1st Design Concept: Elevations

Materials Study [MS]: Timber

MS: Metal Cladding

MS: Green Facade

MS: Combination of Materials
This type of development in my opinion contributes more towards the site compared to the so-called green design building, the Waterfront Mall. This project which would only be 2 storeys tall, is design to amplify the waterfront experience and would not block any important views towards the sea from any angle.

Sketchup Model will be uploaded soon.

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